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Internship reflects how patient care guides medical education

Our columnist reflects on his just-completed intern year.
1 Jul 2013

Unique aspect of internship involves learning to meet needs

An intern learns to balance patient needs with his own, following the guidance of senior residents and mentors.
1 Apr 2013

What peers are made of and why it matters to medical education

A resident reflects on the importance of his peers to the learning process##mdash;guiding, helping and supporting one another.
1 Jan 2013

Preserving the clinical relationship in the age of digital health

The U.S. health care system is headed toward a profoundly digital future. Provider organizations around the country are adopting and updating their health information technology (HIT) infrastructures.
1 Jul 2015

Better, not broken: pursuing empathy during medical training

Empathy is a crucial element to good care and improved patient outcomes. Why doesn't medical education promote more of it?.
1 Apr 2014

Transitioning from health care to a broader domain of services

Clinicians and the organizations in which they practice are moving beyond episode-based health care delivery and into the communities in which they exist, delivering services that would normally seem outside the scope of medical practice.
1 Sep 2014

‘Digitally native’ learners will change medical education

How much a resident knows is no longer the most accurate way to assess the person in an era of students who grew up getting their information in a digital world.
1 Mar 2015

‘Rights, privileges and responsibilities appertaining thereto’

An internal medicine resident reflects on his recent graduation, a cross-country move and the new responsibilities he now carries.
1 Sep 2012

Improving teamwork through the selection of students

Among the many efforts to improve teamwork and improve patient care, one potential area for significant improvement remains: the selection of medical trainees.
1 Jan 2015

Year-two skills are forged from year-one lessons

A doctor's medical education transitions him to the role of leader, even as he reflects on how little his training has prepared him to be one.
1 Oct 2013

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